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Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal

The advanced CM202 combines cutting-edge software in a compact, rugged and cost-effective system. The gyro-stabilised, multi-sensor camera ISR payload is engineered to offer you complete customisation to give you the best system suited to the needs of your mission. The low SWaP gimbal is suitable for integration on a UAV, manned aircraft, fixed land system or mobile land vehicle.

This modular design enables UAV Vision to customize a solution for those who require specific functionality from a stabilized ISR system.

Customised for Your Mission

Choose between a wide range of sensor configurations to meet your exact payload requirements.

Never Miss a Target

Dual streaming capability lets you record and stream two independent videos, giving both local and remote recordings, which can be transmitted in different formats and compressed to different qualities, using less CPU and a lower bandwidth. 

The CM202 offers high definition imagery and footage at day or night, and in cloudy, foggy or smoky conditions.

Detect and track multiple targets at once by tagging up to 5 moving objects within the FOV.

Enhance Your Video Experience

The CM202 contains a high precision motor to reduce vibration, giving you highly stabilised video with improved imagery.

Stabilised video lets you effectively track an object and find out valuable information.

Direct drive allows the gimbal to quickly respond to disturbances, keeping your target in the centre of the frame.


Size: 190mm D x 295mm H
Weight: 3500g
EO: 30x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP66
Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal

The CM160 is a low SWaP-C, multi-sensor, gyro-stabilised camera payload that has experienced over six years of sales and development to provide customers with a field proven system. Rated IP66, the CM160 is our most flexible gimbal, suitable for integration into a range of platforms.

A Flexible Gimbal for Your Mission

Choose between several sensor configurations to suit the needs of your mission.

Benefit from day and night video streamed directly to the operator.

Integrate the CM160 on any platform, including a UAV, manned aircraft, lighter than air platform, marine vehicle, land vehicle, or a static mount.

A Payload You Can Rely On

With over 6 years of sales, testing, and development, the CM160 offers customers a reliable and consistent payload.

The high-performance gimbal has been integrated on a variety of platforms, providing companies around the world with an efficient system.

Save on weight

The CM160 weighs as little as 1450g, keeping your payload weight to a minimum.

Size: 160mm D x 237mm H
Weight: 1495g
EO: 30x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP66
Dual Sensor Gyro Stabilised Gimbal

The CM100 is a low-cost, dual sensor, gyro-stabilised camera payload that gives high-quality imagery and video. With over six years of testing and sales, the CM100 is a field-proven, reliable and high performance gimbal that has been used for a range of missions. 

Save on Costs

With the CM100 you can meet your project budget, without sacrificing on quality.

A Small Gimbal for Every Mission

The CM100 weighs as little as 800g, providing you with a lightweight payload for your UAV.

Achieve long flight times with the low-power CM100 - more flight time brings you more opportunities.

Ideal for UAVs

The CM100 has been engineered to provide UAV users with a technology-driven gimbal that offers HD imagery, day and night vision, and real-time video.


Size: 100mm D x 129mm H
Weight: 800g
EO: 30x Optical Zoom
IP Rating: IP63
Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal

The CM202G Gas Hound is the industry's first reliable, multi sensor, gyro-stabilised gimbal for gas leak detection and infrastructure integrity patrols. With years of testing and development, the CM202G offers a field-proven and high-performance system that allows you to meet the industry standard for comprehensive integrity management. The optical gas imaging sensor detects methane and other gas leaks in refineries, pipelines, storage facilities and other installations. The system is ideal for both fixed and mobile platforms for continuous monitoring applications.  

Low SWaP-C

The low SWaP-C system weighs as little as 3500g and uses less than 100w in power, making it ideal for integration into manned aircraft and UAVs.

Enhanced Information

Benefit from traceable and verifiable pipeline integrity data, rapid notification of anomalies, and precise geo-location of leaks, encroachments, environmental concerns, and right of way violations.

Prompt Data

High definition daylight footage is streamed simultaneously with Infra-Red leak detection data, which is all overlaid onto a GIS based mapping system. This information is live-streamed, giving you prompt access to valuable data, and allowing you to make informed decisions.  

Size: 190mm D x 295mm H
Weight: 3500g
EO: 30x Optical
IP Rating: IP66
Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal with Counter UAS Software

The CM202U is an innovative, multi-sensor, gyro-stabilised gimbal for counter UAS operations. The entire system is man-portable and robust, and includes object tracking capability, low power consumption, direct drive motors for accurate positioning, Static Target Detection Algorithm, and Moving Target Detector Algorithm.

Effective Targeting

Automated object detection increases the likelihood of detecting targets that could go unnoticed by an unassisted operator.

Optical Detection Range

On average, the CM202U with Operator Assist has a 40-100% further optical detection range for DJI Phantom sized sUAS than comparable systems (3km UAV detect, 2km PID).

Improved Force Protection

The operator assist function utilises advanced algorithms to detect and track objects of interest in the air and on the ground, reducing operator fatigue and workload to increase the efficiency of your operation.

Benefit from Enhanced Knowledge

The automated detect software system provides operators with live, real-time cues of possible target objects, reducing decision time when identifying UAVs through rapid identification, and helping operators make informed decisions whilst reducing operator error.

Shortens Decision Cycle

The MTD identifies targets in the FOV much quicker than the operator can manually. This shortens the decision cycle for the operator and allows them to prosecute a hostile target sooner. Quicker informed decisions can save lives.

Multiple Target Tracking

Operator assist can track up to 200 targets simultaneously, ensuring that no threat is ignored during a swarm attack.

Size: 203mm D x 320mm H
Weight: 5500g
EO: 30x Optical Zoom
IP Rating:
3-Axis Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilised Gimbal

The new CM123 is a miniature, multi sensor, gyro-stabilised gimbal, designed for commercial and ISR applications. The gimbal combines exceptional stabilisation capabilities with a compact and lightweight design.

3-Axis Stabilisation

With 3-axis mechanical and digital stabilisation, the CM123 cancels out unwanted movements to provide you with a stable and clear image.

3x IR and 30x EO Optical Zoom

The CM123 has thirty times electro-optic (EO) optical zoom and three times infrared (IR) optical zoom to give end users enhanced detection capabilities to improve the efficiency of each mission.


Weighing as little as 1kg and measuring just 120mm in depth and 200mm in height, the CM123 is the ideal gimbal for integration into multi-rotor, rotary-wing and fixed-wing UAVs.

Multi Sensor

The CM123 allows for the integration of EO, IR and laser sensors to provide you with the optimum system for your mission.


Size: 120mm D x 200mm H
Weight: 1000g
EO: 30x Optical
IP Rating: IP66