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Ground Vehicle

Ground Vehicle

Lightweight Systems

For Missions on the Go

For surveillance and security operations on the move, UAV Vision provides a range of multi sensor, gyro-stabilised camera systems for high definition imagery at day and night.

Our gimbals are highly stabilised to provide you with clear and high-performance video footage in all environments. Footage is live streamed directly to the operator, hleping you deliver mission critical information to the right people.

For missions on the move that require a lightweight, man portable and low power gimbal, we offer low SWaP-C systems that can be quickly deployed and operated, for consistent coverage.

Other capabilities include object tracking, optical zoom, GEO-Lock, real time video stabilisation, on board video encoding and navigation information. These features let you get the very most out of your security mission. 

To offer you the best camera system for your mission, our gimbals are customisable. Choose between a range of infrared and laser sensors, hardware and software.

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