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Counter UAS Systems in 2017

The past decade has marked the start of a very exciting era – the drone age.

Portable ground counter UAS system

Counter UAS systems are becoming increasingly important for the protection of troops in battlefield and border protection operations.

The CM100 gyro-stabilised gimbal

Get the very most out of your camera system by following these 8 simple steps.

Keep It Safe

What you need to know about laser range finders

A laser range finder uses laser technology to provide information on the distance between a target o

Detecting a shipping container from 6,000m

Here at UAV Vision, we are continuously enhancing our gyro-stabilised camera systems to provide you with the best quality imagery and functionality for your

Stable footage using the CM202

Is your camera system producing steady video? If the answer is no, it could be that your camera is lacking in stabilisation.

The CM202G on a helicopter

To ensure your aircraft conforms to safety regulations and industry standards, your payload weight will be limited to the design of your platform.

Infrared imagery using the CM202

The infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum includes wavelengths between 740nm and 300 µm. It sits between visible and microwave on the spectrum and is undetectable by the naked eye. All objects release infrared radiation.